“Our entrepreneurial culture and values, enable us to expand reliable services while keeping our commitments to public safety, social responsibility and financial stability.”
– Nick Yarmolyuk, CEO

Company is constantly improving:

– By utilizing the latest equipment models, we are able to provide high quality service, while simultaneously reducing down time and increasing on-time delivery rate to 97.5%

– Our highly trained drivers, whom are dedicated to safety, as well as the utilization of the latest technologies in telematics and two-way temperature audit, allow us to reach a superior level of security to meet the needs of our customers.

– A unique management model, as a family-owned, asset-based transportation company, helped us develop strong principals of integrity. Regardless of your industry, you can be sure we have the people, equipment, expertise and experience to solve your most strenuous transportation challenges.

about our company
"Our top priority is to provide the best client-oriented services, to maximize efficiency in safety and security, to develop and implement new ways to stay a competitive partner that you can trust and count on, with constant intention to improve and expand. We are ready to become your one-call solution for many years, regardless of the challenge.”
- Nick Yarmolyuk, CEO at Divine Enterprises

Company overview

Divine Enterprises Inc., is a growing transportation company, that specializes in providing logistic solutions to the Continental United States and Canada for variety of industries. Our company has years of experience providing qualified truckload, less-than- truckload, expedited services for temperature controlled freight and services to pharmaceutical manufacturers. Company dedication to constant improvements and exemplary customer service, has given us the opportunity to earn the business of many large Pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Our commitment to excellent service has built a strong base for further development in the years to come.


In 2002, Divine Enterprises Inc. was established as an international trading company. Later, to fulfill its logistics needs on land, a long-haul transportation division of Divine Enterprises was launched. As the recognition of the company grew in Northern California, and strong connections with customers developed, Divine Enterprises became a sustainable and reliable source of transportation. High demand has driven the expansion of the company across the United States and Canada; with intention at headquarter, to become a diverse solution for all industries. By providing customer-oriented services, focusing on customer needs and applying strong principles of integrity, Divine Enterprises has grown into a versatile transportation service company. Over the years, Divine Enterprises has become a reliable source of transportation for companies throughout the Continental United States, and is specifically recognized on the West Coast. As an asset-based transportation company, Divine Enterprises is able to put more into development. As a result, the company has created enough capacity to satisfy our growing customers’ needs, while at the same time improving personal connections with our clients, employees and drivers. For a decade, Divine Enterprises has shown constant, sustainable growth by a number of indexes; number of employees, fleet count, miles covered, net sales and company book value.

Company culture

Full dedication to serving our customers and a family-owned, asset-based structure has created an entrepreneurial atmosphere which contributes to company success. Maintaining collegial orientation in achieving company goals, while allowing individuals the ability to perform at their highest level, encourages a flow of ideas among all levels of personnel. Collaboration as a part of our culture has opened a new horizon in professional development for employees at Divine Enterprises.
transportation Full Truck loads

Full truck loads are available for long-haul or domestic needs. The Truckload division offers freight shippers a comprehensive set of full truckload services that are adaptable to your equipment, temperature and frequency requirements. We are able to cover your shipping needs year-round regardless of seasonal, lane or volume variations.

transportation Less-Than-Truckload

Less-Than- Truckload services for dry or temperature controlled shipments is always available with Divine Enterprises. We offer comprehensive, efficient and convenient solutions to cover your needs even if your shipment is not big enough to fulfill our capacity.

transportation Government Freight Services

Government Agencies and Department of Defense Oriented Services

Divine Enterprises is a logistic company that takes pride to serve the Nation. Company offers services to satisfy U.S. Government logistical needs. You can never predict when an emergency will occur, so we proudly offer Disaster Recovery Assistance and Emergency Aid Delivery truckload services throughout all 48 States and Canada 24/7, 365 days a year.


Divine Enterprises is always ready to mobilize our resources to help those affected by disasters or emergency situations throughout the United States and Canada. Our dedicated team will work around the clock as long as it’s required to get the job done. You can count on us to handle it for you.


In regards to national security, our customers can rest assured that we will comply with the strictest security requirements. With over a decade of experience in hauling high-value freight, Divine Enterprises has formed a qualified team, and can implement all tools necessary to assure customer satisfaction.

Just-in-Time Distribution

When it comes to specialized, time-sensitive freight, from machinery components and electronics to pharmaceutical ingredients and hazardous materials, delivery time, flexibility and reliability really matter. We are ready to step forward at any time to serve the United States.
transportation high-value freight

High value freight shipments require proper handling and attention. Our company can assure customers that your high-value freight will be delivered undamaged, on-time, and with sufficient insurance coverage. All company trucks and trailers are equipped with the latest satellite positioning systems and are under surveillance 24/7. Expedited services with properly trained company team-drivers will guarantee that your shipment will never be left unattended from pick-up, until arrival.

transportation Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical industry is vital for national health and we understand that reliable transportation connections between production facilities are important. Divine Enterprises takes pride in providing services to some of the largest Pharmaceutical companies in the world. As a member of the Pharmaceutical Cargo Security Coalition, Divine Enterprises always receives the latest industry news and is proactive in terms of protecting your freight. We realize the importance of temperature stability in maintaining the integrity of Life Sciences products from manufacturers to end customer, and we strive for perfection with every load shipped. All of our refrigeration units are equipped with state-of- the-art devices that continuously track and record real-time temperature reading and analytics, engine condition and engine fault monitoring. During transit, our system monitors: set point, ambient temperature, supply air temperature, return air temperature, reefer unit status/mode, door status, battery voltage and fuel level.

transportation Temperature controlled

When transporting perishable items such as organic produce, beverages, berries, ice-cream our expertise, the proper equipment and careful planning are all keys, to transporting such important freight. Our goal is to assure your worry-free experience. With the capacity and capabilities that Divine Enterprises offers, we are up for the challenge. Our latest model trailers with two-way, real-time audit of the reefer condition, gives us an edge over other shippers. We always know where, and under what condition our current shipments are. The constant monitoring of equipment parameters allows us to prevent breakdowns long before they can possibly occur, leaving our customers assured their shipment is safe with us.

transportation Hazmat materials

Hazmat materials need to be handled with precautionary measures by drivers with the highest qualifications, well trained and carefully selected in accordance with the highest standards of employment and comprehensive background check. Divine Enterprises has considerable experience in Hazmat market segment, constantly working on drivers’ safety awareness. We operate within the most stringent security guidelines to stay in compliance with National Industrial Security Program for Hazmat classified material which makes us most trustworthy carrier. Our extensive preventive maintenance program allows us to keep all the vehicles in excellent condition through systematic inspections, failure detection and correction of any incipient malfunctions before they occur or before they become a major defect.

Transportation is one of the largest, most important industries in the world. Without a healthy-functioning supply chain, a lot of goods that consumers take for granted, would not be there. Just like blood cells which are constantly running through the human veins, trucks of all kind run 24/7, 365 days a year delivering vital components to manufacturing, production and distribution systems. It is hard to imagine in today’s modern economic conditions, that interruptions or dysfunctions in the transportation industry would not affect other industries.

Divine Enterprises is a customer-dedicated company that never hesitates to invest in the latest technologies, passing all benefits on to the end customer. Understanding the importance of varying customer needs has driven innovation across all levels of company operation.


In 2013, the executive decision was made to develop a major fleet upgrade program. The goal was to replace current tractors and trailers with the most advanced equipment available on the market. In 2014, upgrades began and by the end of 2015, the project was completed. The execution of this program was successful and results far exceeded expectations across all levels: customers, management, the most valuable company asset – company drivers, as well as the safety and maintenance departments. The fleet upgrade directly translated into a reduction of downtime due to less frequent breakdowns, while simultaneously improving the company’s safety score.

The company’s heavy-duty; light-weight tractors with Volvo XE13 technology have a drivetrain that is fully integrated. Each system knows precisely what demands are being placed on every component. This information is updated thousands of times per second, and the decision-making process never ends. In essence, this light-speed communication network allows the tractor’s I-Shift transmission to direct the engine to respond to its needs. This ensures that our shipments receive the smoothest ride possible which reduces the chance of cargo shift and improves safety.


Divine Enterprises is based in the state of California, which has the strictest regulations for air pollution in the United States. Our company is in compliance with federal and state regulations. Divine Enterprises developed and implemented a driver award program for the Fuel Efficiency achievements. Through this program and our updated equipment, the Company reduced fleet-wide fuel consumption, which directly translates to CO2 emission reduction. Divine Enterprises is certified and classified by EPA Smartway into:

- Group #1 by g/mile PM produced and g/tm NOx produced*
- Group #2 by g/mile CO2 produced*

*Classification among 600 United States carriers for mixed and refrigerated fleets on scale 1-5 (where 1 is the best, 5 the worst).


Safety, security and confidence cannot be underestimated. Divine Enterprises specializes in Pharmaceutical and High-Value Freight. The company’s top priority is the security of shipments. The company has thoroughly researched and implemented the most advanced telematics technologies and interfaces for both tractors, and trailers with a reefer unit. By utilizing advanced fleet management systems, Divine Enterprises is able to offer a new level of customer service. Our co updates on any requested status in a matter of minutes.

Divine Enterprises customers always know where and under which circumstances their freight were loaded, have fully transparent arrival and departure acknowledgment system as well as the most detailed information update of equipment assigned to particular load during its transit. Trained team is always able to track freight and provide all information on cargo status in terms of temperature regulated loads, such as reefer parameters, operating mode, set temperature, supply temperature, return temperature, door status, current location and position history. Our innovative motives did not ends here, company also are able to control units remotely via satellite.

Utilization of technologies from Carrier* - Intelli-set*, which are created and customized according to our customers’ needs, has given us the ability to eliminate human error at the set point. Fresh Protect*, which eliminates the chance of freezing, even on extremely temperature sensitive product, is just another layer of freight protection. Company refrigerated trailers are specified right from the production line at the ordering stage to meet the most sophisticated customer requirements. Improved insulation, door seals and Air-Ride* suspension are also in place to ensure cargo security.

Reliable and trustworthy service

The best way to evaluate the quality of service is to have solid recognition from valued customers. For many years, Divine Enterprises customers have trusted us with their most sophisticated tasks.

We provide:

- Industry leading, multi-level security practices in all company policies, procedures and equipment.

- Utilization of the latest satellite tracking equipment and communication technologies.

- Integrated transparent fleet management system which provides visibility and status of all shipments.

- With dedicated, company-employed drivers, that are trained and qualified, freight is never left unattended.

- Elite professional driver teams, and specialized equipment for HAZARDOUS, Life-Science and Pharmaceutical freight.

- Real- time, remotely monitored refrigerated trailers provide full control of equipment and temperature 24/7/365.

- Worldwide Supply Chain Security Intelligence Proactive alert system always keeps freight from the threat of theft.

- In- cab DVR’s record all of the cab’s surroundings.

- Established quality control program, which is directly aligned with customer requirements.

- Latest, most advanced company owned equipment to meet our customers’ needs.

- Highest on-time rates and scalable capacity.